evolution is a leading supplier of upstream oil and gas production equipment, with thousandS of units completed to date.

based in calgary alberta, most of our packages are installed in western canada; from northeast british columbia to southern manitoba.


noteable highlights: 

  • 2003; Evolution Production Equipment established, and the long standing alliance with our Edmonton partners began.  Our first sale was a 2” wet metering package.
  • 2004; Completion of our first Group/Test Multi-Well Separator.
  • 2006; Single customer sale of (55) 16" x 7'6" 1480psi MAWP/100bbl Tank/Separator packages.
  • 2008; Full time in-house drafting, and shift to 3D design.
  • 2008; First international project: 48" ID x 16'0" s/s 1480psi MAWP Sour Service Test Separator for Tunisia.
  • 2010; Supply of pressure components for Wailuku Hydro, Hilo Hawaii.
  • 2011; Single customer sale of (50) 24" and 30" 740psi MAWP Group/Test Multi-Well units.
  • 2012; Addition of Stettler AB partnership and increased fabrication capacity.
  • 2014; Entered the surplus market, and vastly increased our product and service range.

Our Mission

As our name suggests, we strive to continually improve, progress and develop.  Change is constant and inevitable; we embrace this certainty as a part of our culture; proactive trumps reactive whenever possible.  We pride ourselves on conducting old school business; guided by integrity and mutual respect.

in practice

Providing superior products and service with:

  • Concise communication
  • Experienced interpretation and implementation of your needs
  • Industry leading computer-aided design
  • Comprehensive project management
  • Steadfast price and schedule
  • Unparalleled quality