A Chinook wind is a foehn (or föhn), which is dry, warm down-slope wind that occurs on the leeward side of a mountain range, as a result of precipitation release on the windward side.  There are several regional names across the world for this phenomenon.  We use the name Chinook in the United States and Canadian Rocky Mountains, Cascade Range and Alaskan Chugach Mountains

California's Santa Ana winds are katabatic winds.  These are dry, warm down-slope drainage winds that originate over the Great Basin and upper Mojave Desert, and affect coastal So-Cal and northern Baja.  Katabatic winds also have varying names around the world by region.  

If one owned a home in the Los Angeles area, they would be very familiar with Santa Ana winds that occur every fall, fanning wildfires.  Their motives, in outright denying the true cause of a natural seasonal occurrence which is very similar to what occurs in their own backyard should be questioned.